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You will get a quick loan approval decision. We use a neural network to evaluate a borrower. No Bank Visits. No Collateral. No Paperwork.

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To apply, you need to just submit an application form. No documents required.

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Complete our easy online application. It takes 5 minutes and there is no paperwork required.

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Within a short time with few basic details like the social profile, current address …

Newest technology

Own credit scoring model constructed by machine-learning methods

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We deposit your loan right into your Nebeus account in Bitcoin, Etherium or Euro.

How we work

How do we create amazing products

The basic idea of machine learning-based scoring is that various demographic attributes and past repayment behavior of an individual can be utilized to predict hers or his probability of default.

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We are optimists who believe technology and blockchain

Once have been processed your application, you will be contacted and notified of your outcome and emailed your offer.

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What We’re About

For more than 5 years we have been providing security loans. We have gained wide experience, developed the technology and are ready to issue unsecured loans all over the world.

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